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Quality Networks

Royston are Component Suppliers for

Alco, GM/EMD, GE, English Electric, Ruston, Paxman, Rolls Royce, W.H. Allen, Mirrlees, Blackstone, Dorman and other engine application to power generation, locomotive, marine and industrial etc.

Napier, Brown Boveri, MAN, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Holset, KKK, Schwitzer and Garrett etc.

Fuel Injection
Bosch, Bryce, L’Orange & Duap etc.

Generator Sets
In addition to our access to large diesel components, we also procure and sell generator sets of various capacities and power stations with different outputs are also available.

Dynamic Braking Resistor Grids
Royston represent OEM distributors for a number of leading brands. We repair and overhaul off-highway vehicles (dump trucks) and railway locomotive braking resistor grids. Blueprint grid design for all locomotive applications.

Electro Motive Components
A wide range of electrical components are available related to Electrified Rail Systems such as Public Mass Transit Systems covering brake equipment, electronic components and Secheron/Hasler speedometer parts.

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Dynamic Braking
Resistor Grids
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